The Cat | Korea Movie 2011

Cast: Min-Young Park, Dong-wook Kim, Ye-ron Kim

  • Genre: Mystery
  • Year: 2011
  • Cast: Min-Young Park, Dong-wook Kim, Ye-ron Kim
  • Director: Seung-wook Byeon
The Cat is a fear movie that tells the protagonist, So-yeon (Park Min-yeong) is a pet groomer who suffers from claustrophobia stemming from a childhood experience. One day, one of So-yeon’s customers dies on the elevator, leaving her cat Bi-dan behind. The mystery of who killed the woman on the elevator is unknown, and the cat is the only witness. As the police begin their investigation, they ask So-yeon to take care of Bi-dan. But something strange happens to So-yeon from the day she brings Bi-dan home.

1. Download Part 1
2. Download Part 2


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