Hot Summer Days (2010)

On one of the hottest days in summer, temperatures are not the only thing that is heating up. This unprecedented heat is leading to unusual reactions among the citizens, two people (Jacky Cheung & Rene Liu) who connect accidentally through an SMS have a chance meeting in a hospital

An air-conditioner repairman (Nicholas Tse) who meets a mysterious biker chick (Barbie Hsu) after she tears off her clothes to take a kind of quasi-skinny dip on a hot summer’s night;

A sushi chef (Daniel Wu) who rejects a writer’s love (Vivian Hsu)

A photographer (Duan Yi Hong) fires a model (Michelle Wai) and ruins her career. He suddenly goes blind and his apprentice (Fu Xin Bo) tricks him into believing this model who he himself has a crush on, has put a curse on him;

Business is booming for the man (Gordon Liu) who rents an umbrella on the beach. During the day he is happy flirting with his young pretty customers. At night, he thinks about his wife who passed away a long time ago;

A factory worker (Jing Bo Ran) who bets his boss will date the prettiest girl in the factory. When she finds out, she says yes with a condition, that he stand outside the factory for 100 days starting on this hottest day in summer.
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